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Pallet Wrapping Machines 

 Pallet wrapping machines are extremely important pieces of materials handling equipment as they allow production facilities to automated the product wrapping process thereby improving efficiency.

If you are looking to buy a pallet wrapper you need to first give some consideration to the types of products that you will be wrapping and how the machine will fit with the rest of your packaging operation. For example if you have a high throughput packaging operation with lots of automation already in place you will likely want to purchase a fully automatic pallet wrapper that can be incorporated into your production lines. However, if you have a relatively low throughput you can utilise a semi automatic pallet wrapping machine as shown in the image to the left.

If you are looking for a price quotation it is in your best interests to give as much information as possible so that the right machine is specified. Information that is helpful is the dimensions of the largest pallet to be used on the machine, the height the product is usually stacked to on the pallet and the overall weight.

As pallets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes it is important to note that if you are not using standard pallets you may need a bespoke machine, standard UK pallets being 1200mm by 1000mm. 

Most standard pallet wrappers will come with a 12 month parts and labour warranty.

More information on our pallet wrapping machinery can be found here.

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